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Best Vitamins: For Hair Growth


Hair Loss Is a Common problem In Man and Women Which gets Worse as We get Older . 
Today I am going to Tell you Top Best Vitamins For Healthy Hair These Vitamins Make your Hair healthy Thicker and Shiny and Reduce your Hair Falls Many Problems Make your Hair Week and increase your Hair fall So Lets Talk About Best Vitamins

1. Vitamin c; This is a Powerful antioxidant   Which helps the body to grow Collagen. Hair is type of Collagen called Keratin. If you have a Vitamin deficiency than your body is Unable to grow Strong and healthy hair Follicles. you can get your Vitamin c from eating cherries, lemons, and green Vegetables. and make your hair strong. 

Source of Vitamin C

2. Vitamin B7: This important vitamin is also Known as Biotin. It works With Other B Vitamin to Carry Oxygen and nutrients to the Scalp and Hair Follicles. If you are deficient in B vitamins than the Hair will Fall Out.You can get your vitamin by Consuming eggs, and Salmon.

Source of Vitamin B7

3.Trace Minerals: These are very Important for body as the are used as a Base Material to produce healthy hair, skin nails, bones and arteries. You can boost trace minerals in your body by eating Sea Kelp, Sea moss.

Trace Minerals.

4. Collagen; Collagen is one of the most important proteins Which makes up 70 percent of the Skin, hair, nails.Boosting your intake from natural foods will help your body to produce Stronger hair Follicles.You can get your collagen from egg white and Spirulina.

Foods Rich in Collagen.

5.Silica; This is one of the most important elements in the body as it always your body to absorb minerals. These are used to produce collagen and grow hair follicles. protract your  hair sun damaged. and make your hair shiny. you can get your silica from Horsetail and  bamboo extract.

6.DHT Reducing Foods: Many Men have too much DHT, a powerful hormone which causes receding hairline and condition called alopecia. You can reduce DHT in the body by eating  Nettle Root Saw palmetto, pumpkin seeds, Tomato, Almonds.

As you can see Vitamins and other nutrients are essential for the body to maintain proper hair growth and make your hair healthy thicker and control your hair fall.

DHT Reduce Foods.

As you can see Vitamins and other nutrients are essential for the body to maintain proper hair growth and make your hair healthy thicker and control your hair fall.

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