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Get glowing skin with 5 best food

 Best food for healthy Glowing skin Out of many healthy options, we are sharing a list of 5 best food for glowing skin. And most of the items shared below are available easily. #1 Carrot carrot provides vitamin C and Beta carotene to protect your skin from damage. carrot helps your skin clear and makes your skin fair. carrot provides sun protection for your skin. take carrot juice in your daily diet or eat daily 2-3 carrots. #2Turmeric Turmeric  is  antiseptic and antibacterial properties It removes redness from acne and other types of scarring. Turmeric gives a natural glow to your skin. turmeric provides fair and luster to the skin. you can take turmeric in your daily diet you can take warm milk with turmeric. #3 Green Tea Green tea is a powerful antibacterial agent for treating acne and pores.  It helps kill systemic bacterial inflammation for smoother skin. have a cup of green tea morning and evening. #4 Vitamin C and citrus Fruits. Lemon and grapes, orange are a great source of vi
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Best wedding looks 2022 by TheNutriFly

DIFFERENT WEDDING LOOKS YOU SHOULD TRY Friends wedding next week? Not sure what to wear? Don't worry! I have created a quick guide so  go ahead and try something different and Make Your Day Beautiful. 1 Silk SAREE LOOK Silk Saree All Time Favorite Of Celebrities. These Saree gives you glamourous and rich look. You should try Silk Saree and look perfect, classy and traditional. You can try Juda Hair Style with Silk Saree. Below is the snap of a Royal Blue Saree which gives a Beautiful Elegant rich look. 2 Dark Green Lehenga Look If you are a fan of vintage and classic look then this dark Green Lehenga will give you a perfect desired look. The creative mirror work done on the Lehenga Will make you look more Beautiful. Don't forget to match it with contrast jwellery including Maang-tika. You Should Try This Beautiful Combination and let me know in comment section how did you look! If you are bored with Kanjivaram and western wear fails to convince you, try these Looks I have menti

How to stay Fit with Vedic culture? - TheNutriFly

How To Stay Fit According To Vedic Culture? A healthy mind resides only in a healthy body. This saying is ancient but is completely accurate in today's sense. Today's life is hectic for most people and they don't get time to follow a healthy lifestyle. If we set some rules according to our Vedic culture, then we can be healthy and stay fit easily . Now, who will tell you what things or routines to follow? We are here to tell you all a few important things about this. And do you know Trans-fats act as slow poison to the body , read the article to find out how they get created. Let's start. Follow these healthy lifestyle tips according to our great Vedic Culture.   Magic of Walking Regularly We usually walk 40-50 steps in 1 minute, about 80 steps in a brisk walk, and about 160 steps in jogging. Do cardio exercises like brisk walking, jogging, aerobics, cycling, swimming, etc. for at least 30 minutes a day . Always do 5 minutes of brisk warm-up before starting any exercise

Bigg Boss15 Top 2 Confirmed Contestants

 Bigg Boss 15 Confirmed  2 Contestants Good news For Bigg Boss fans!! Big Boss 15 Will start in October first week. The final of Bigg Boss OTT was on 18 September. Divya Agarwal wins Bigg Boss OTT and takes home prize money of Rs 25 Lakhs. Now viewers are excited for Bigg Boss 15. Bigg Boss15 Confirmed 2 Contestants.. 1 Nishant Bhat. Nishant Bhat is one of the Popular choreographer in the entertainment Industry.  Nishant Bhat with muskaan Jattana won many hearts. His funny moments with muskaan in Bigg Boss OTT kept the audience entertained. Nishant Bhat was the  First Runner -up Of Bigg Boss OTT and people was liking his game. His fans were believing that he will be the winner of the show but Divya Agarwal became winner. There is a Good News For Nishant Bhat's fans. Nishant Bhat is Going to be a participate in Bigg Boss 15. Now Nishant's fans can continue to see him on Bigg Boss15. 2 Partik Sehajpal Partik has been a popular name in the world of reality shows. Partik Sehajpa

कोरोना मरीज़ के लिए सही खाना | best diet recommended for corona patient

कोरोना मरीज को खाने में क्या दे! भारत में जिस तरह से कोरोना फ़ैल रहा है हम सब जानते है कोरोना की दुसरी लहर हमारे देश में किस तरह से लोगो को अपना शिकार बना रही है, ज्यादा तर राज्यों में हर दो में से एक जन आज कोरोना पॉजिटिव है। ऐसे में हमे सतर्क होने की जरुरत है।  अगर आपको पता चलता है की आप को कोरोना है, आपके लक्ष्ण माइल्ड है, तो आप घर पर रहकर अपना इलाज कर सकते है, क्योंकि हम सबको पता है की आज हमारे हॉस्पिटल्स में जगह नहीं है। ऐसे में आपको अगर हॉस्पिटल की जरूरत नहीं है, तो आप घर पर रहकर अपना इलाज करिये।  अपने डॉक्टर से बात करते रहे अपना ऑक्सीज़न लेवल चेक करते रहे, आपका ऑक्सीज़न लेवल 90 से नीचे नहीं जाना चाहिए अगर 90 से नीचे जाता है, तो तुरंत अपने डॉक्टर से बात करे।  कोरोना मरीज़ को खाने में क्या दे  कोरोना मरीज़ की डाइट सबसे ज्यादा महत्व रखती है, जितनी अच्छी होगी आप उतना जल्दी ठीक होंगे, अपने खाने का पूरा ध्यान रखे।  ज्यादा  से ज्यादा गर्म पानी पीये  कोरोना मरीज़ को हरी सब्जी और फल दे, संतरा, कीवी, नारियल पानी दे।  प्रोटीन से भरपूर खाना दे।  हल्दी वाला गर्म दूध दे।  मरीज़ को खाना निगलने में मुश

Sabyasachi Bridal Jewellery Ideas

 Beautiful Sabyasachi jewellery - Go for It! Every Girl Dream About Wearing Sabyasachi Jewellery And Clothes For Her Wedding. I'm Going To Share Some Bridal jewellery Idias Of Sabyasachi. You Can Try These collection On Your wedding And  this collection will make more Beautiful You. Here Are Some Unique And Alligent Jewellery Idias should Try Atleast Once. These Jewellery Idias will feel you Special and Beautiful. 1 Beautiful  Opel Necklace. This Beautiful Necklace Will Give You A Perfect look. Go for It And make your Wedding Special. 2 Beautiful Necklace set. This Beautiful Necklace Jewellery with Matapatti is looking Very Beautiful. 3 Beautiful kundan Set. This Green Kundan Jewellery Will Give You A Preety look. 4 Gold Colour Kundan Necklace Jewellery. This Kundan Necklace looking Beautiful. 5 Beautiful Green Kundan  Bridal Jewellery.  Try This Green Kundan  Necklace And look Beautiful. 6 White Colour Kundan Bridal Jewellery. 7 Gold Colour Jewellery.

Sarees Look Inspired By Deepika.

 Beautiful unique Saree Design Of Deepika Padukon. IM Going To Share Some Sarees Inspired by Deepika Padukon  Every woman Try This. 1. Pink Gold Saree. This Pure Silk Pink Saree give You A beautiful Look. you can Try This Saree in Relative weeding. 2. Gold Silk Saree. Gold Silk Saree will give You A different Beautiful look. You Can wear This Saree in Your wedding Reception. 3. Pink Saree This Pink saree looking preety and beautiful.  you can Try This Look in Any Special occasions.  4 Red Silk Saree. In This Red Saree Deepika looking like a Beautiful Queen. You can Try This look in your wedding Anniversary.  5 white Gold Saree. This Gold White saree will give You a Fabulous look. even girl should try it. 6 peech Colour Net Saree.