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How To Stay Fit According To Vedic Culture?

How to stay fit with Vedic Culture

A healthy mind resides only in a healthy body. This saying is ancient but is completely accurate in today's sense.
Today's life is hectic for most people and they don't get time to follow a healthy lifestyle. If we set some rules according to our Vedic culture, then we can be healthy and stay fit easily. Now, who will tell you what things or routines to follow? We are here to tell you all a few important things about this. And do you know Trans-fats act as slow poison to the body, read the article to find out how they get created.
Let's start. Follow these healthy lifestyle tips according to our great Vedic Culture.

Magic of Walking Regularly

We usually walk 40-50 steps in 1 minute, about 80 steps in a brisk walk, and about 160 steps in jogging. Do cardio exercises like brisk walking, jogging, aerobics, cycling, swimming, etc. for at least 30 minutes a day. Always do 5 minutes of brisk warm-up before starting any exercise and 5 minutes period of cool down after stopping it.

Breathe Correctly And Achieve Wonderful Benefits

- Do simple yoga for at least half an hour daily. Include anulom- vilom, meditation, deep breathing, and asana. Take 10-15 minutes of deep breaths in the morning. For increasing the capacity of the lungs, take deep breaths for 15 minutes daily in the morning. It will increase lung capacity by up to 70%.
- Meditate for at least 10 minutes after waking up in the morning. The meditation increases the volume of oxygen in the body and also checks blood pressure.

Follow The 80 formula to be fit

- Keep heartbeat, abdominal width, BP, bad cholesterol, and sugar level below the point of 80. Keep a habit of laughing daily at least 80 times.
- Do not drink more than 80 mL of cold drinks in a day. You can add soda to dilute this 80 mL and make it around 200 ml.
- Do not take more than 80 grams of salt in foodstuffs in two weeks. This can lead to a spike in blood pressure. BP patients should avoid salty food or eat less salt.
- Do 80 minutes of a brisk walk, 80 minutes of stretching exercises, and 80 minutes of aerobics a week. It is beneficial if you combine all three.
- Complete heart condition up to 80 percent on the treadmill. Exercise daily so that the heartbeat fastly. It will reboot the heart.

Lose Weight in the Right Way And Gain Strength

- Do not try to lose more than 2 kg of weight per month. Losing weight very fast can have some repercussions. Problems like gaining more weight as more diet reduce metabolism and in turn, will make you more fat.
- Attempt to lessen 500 calories daily, but do not try that alone by eating less. You can exercise to burn 250 calories and reduce the other 250 calories by subtracting from your food items.
- Always maintain a combination of 60% cardio and 40% strengthening exercises while losing weight. Do aerobics, cycling, swimming, brisk walk, etc., and do pushups, sit-ups, dumbbells, sun salutations, etc. for strengthening.

Keep BP in control

Keep your blood pressure preferably below 80 mmHg. If your BP is more than the normal 80 mmHg, visit a specialized doctor at least every six months for a complete health checkup.

Eat Pure And Balanced Sattvik Foods

- Eat-in small portions 5-6 times a day. For keeping your heart and liver healthy, eat food that is plentiful in fibers, such as oats, jowar, millet, wheat, etc. Foods like pulses, oatmeal, sprouts, and oats fiber reduce cholesterol efficiently.
- Consume green vegetables, flax seeds, sunflower seeds, etc. They contain a good amount of folic acid that assists in balancing cholesterol levels in the body.
- Almonds, beans, flaxseed, mustard oil, and fish have a good amount of omega-three, which is good for a healthy heart.
- Eat 8 to 10 almonds and 1 to 2 walnuts daily.

Flours And Sugars Are Dangerous For The Health And Body

- Trans-fats are like slow poison to the body and health. They are created when oil is heated too fast or oil is heated frequently.
- Saturated fats are found in food items such as ghee, butter, cheese, red meat, etc. The direct link between saturated fats and heart disease is not established but they should be eaten only within the prescribed fat limits.
- Daily food items such as white rice, flour, and sugar come under refined carbohydrates. They are more harmful than saturated fats. One should try to reduce these items from your daily consumption. You can eat jaggery in place of sugar, and brown rice in place of white rice.
- Do not eat more than 4 spoons of fat in your daily intake. Foods containing saturated fat include refined oil, desi ghee, and butter.

Follow RICE Methodology For Eliminating Any Pain in The Body

If you are distressed from any kind of pain like waist, back or leg pain, then follow the method of RICE, ie rest, ice, compression, and elevation.
Rest: Relax. Do not do activities too much nor stand for long.
Ice: Put ice in a bag or cloth and apply it for 10 minutes 4 times a day to the area of pain.
Compression: Apply a crepe bandage, knee cap, or knee brace at the knee or waist.
Elevation: Put a pillow under the leg while lying down, so that the knee is slightly elevated. Stop doing yoga or exercise and rest your body. For pain relief, gels like Volini, Moov, Voveran Gel, DFO Gel, etc. can be massaged for one to two minutes with a light hand.

In Case of a Heart Attack

- Acidity and heart pain are similar. Nevertheless, there can be differences between the two.
- If the area around the chest has high-intensity pain and is giving you restless nights full of sweating, then it is a sign of an incoming heart attack. The pressure feels like a stone placed on the chest. At this time acidity increases stinging at a particular point.
- If the chances of a heart attack are higher, dissolve 300 mg of aspirin in water and give to drink or chew the tablet immediately(note: it may include health risk, kindly consult doctor).
- By doing so, the possibility of patient survival increases by 35 percent.
- Patients having heart problems can take Sorbitrate instead of Aspirin tablets.

Bid Goodbye to the risk of TB

- Tuberculosis virus grows rapidly in dirty places and low light areas. In such places, it is better for the patient to be in an airy and well-lit room. You can open the windows and run a fan so that bacteria can come out. The TB patient should avoid using public transport and crowded places.
- TB patients should wear a mask. Cover the mouth with your palm, napkin, handkerchief, or tissue paper. Wash them and sanitize them properly or dispose of them in the covered dustbin. The TB patient should spit in a polythene bag. Phenyl should be put in the polythene bag and then it should be placed in the dustbin.

Stay Alert in Fever

- For any fever, Paracetamol is the most recommended drug. Its composition is found in brand names like Calpol, Crocin, etc. It is regarded as safe for any fever. Aspirin should not be taken in case of Dengue fever. The risk of bleeding is imminent after taking Aspirin tablets.
- To measure fever it is better to take rectal temperature into account. If you want the correct temperature when measuring through the mouth just add 1- degree centigrade to it and you will get a similar temperature as through the rectal. Body temperatures till 98.3 degrees are considered normal. Fever up to 100 degrees generally does not need medication. If you detect a fever up to 102 degrees and no sign of any dangerous symptoms, then you can take regular care of the patient at home.

Take Allergies seriously

- Like other problems, prevention is a better cure for allergies. Allergy victims should put a napkin on their noses before exiting the house. The pillow covers, sheets, and curtains in the home should be washed regularly. Keep carpet dry for at least 6 months and then bring it into use. Avoiding carpet use will be best in this scenario.
- Do not keep pets at home. Do not put flowering plants indoors during the rainy season. Install a good air purifier for your home. Let your child play in mud, rain, dust, and sun. They help children to strengthen their immune systems and fight diseases.

Keep These Things in Mind While Working On Desk

- Desk job workers should be sitting in the office. They can do exercises and stretch their knees and neck at intervals. Keep your knees moving continuously. After 15-20 minutes of sitting, keep moving the legs round and round and straight. Also do neck exercises at regular intervals.
- Do eye exercises every 30 minutes. Take away your eyes from the screen and blink frequently. You can also cover the eyes well with your palms and open them after a gap of 30 seconds.
- While working regularly at the computer, sit in such a way that your waist is straight and the hands are on chair handles.
- The greater part of the thighs should be on the seat of the chair, but the knees should not be adjacent to its edge. For this, you will have to sit behind your waist and raise the knees slightly.
- The computer screen on the desk should be at your eye level. Neck pain is caused by the constant movement of the neck up and down while working.
So, if you want to stay healthy then adopt these fundas of fitness and be tension free.

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