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I Want To Tell You About Some Dangers Of Plastic Bottle. Now These Are Something Most People Consume Almost Every Day, Whether You Are Stopping At A Petrol Pump Or Food Court Lots Of Us Are Drinking Out Of Plastic Water. But Here Is What I Would Like To Tell You Is That These Plastic Bottles Are Not Necessarily A Natural Material. Have You Ever Thought Of What Will Happen If They Can Accumulate Toxins In Our Body?? You Have Both Foreseen And Unforeseen Consequences To Our Bodies.

True Facts: 

  • People around the world consumes 60 million plastic bottles every day.
  • As per the survey Every second 20,000 plastic bottles are used.
  • Italians are drinking the most bottled water per person.

So bottled water is something that obviously is a more recent phenomenon but again these things are adding up and actually causing health issues in millions of people around the world. So lets talk about whats in bottled water and the risks. 

1. They contain hormone-disrupting chemicals. Now most of us have heard by now of a compound call BPA, that's Bisphenol A and BPA has been shown to be a endocrine disruptor, So this is going to cause issues with hormones, Whether it be Estrogen, Progesterone, Testosterone its going to throw off these hormones and cause issues like infertility, can increase PCOS, can cause low Testosterone in men. You don't want to drink out of plastic bottles if you can help it specifically those with Bisephenol A. But again, hormone disrupting chemicals that's what's in our water.

2. Antimony Trioxide. Antimony is a compound that's found in the earth is a metal element. But this is actually found in lot of plastic bottles. So imagine that...We have heard articles/news on the dangers of mercury from silver fillings, We have heard the dangers of lead based paints and eating those and being exposed. We have heard arsenic in some of ours food supply. Well, Antimony falls in top the same category with those so where if you have too much of it, it's neurotoxic. It's being linked to heart and cardio vascular issues, liver and kidney issues. But its a toxin to the body and again and many of this is found in bottled water and antimony.

3. There has been more than 25K chemicals discovered in bottled water, there's tap water in there, there are more chemicals in there. But also again ust the chemicals found in plastic alone are severely toxic to the body and they are not natural for the body to handle. So really its causing liver toxicity. you may not realize this, but if your liver become overly toxic, its actually affects your hormones as well. your liver is actually part of what filters out and detoxes excessive estrogen in the body so hey, one of the biggest causes of infertility today and PCOS is when women get estrogen too high and progesterone gets too low. Well, if estrogen gets too high your body needs to lower it. You know what you cant do that when your liver is too toxic so again this contributes to that issue as well. 

Here are other water bottle risks...

Plastic Pollution : Think about what we are doing to our environment plastic does not degrade naturally as other things do over time. And so what its going to do is ...we are polluting the ocean, we are polluting earth here as well. Its resource - intensive. The resources its taking and what we are having to do to produce plastic can destroy the earth as well. And then also there are safer solution out there today. Think about this especially when we are talking about drinking water and own personal health and safety its easy to make the switch to glass or stainless steel. Those are the two things in the household we use every single day. you will see lots of glass, lots of stainless steel much healthier and safer options there as well. 

So kindly listen, get rid of plastic!! get rid of Bisephenol A!! and all the other chemicals. Start using glass and stainless steel. By doing that you are going to avoid all of these Environmental issues, all of these personal health risks as well. 

___Let us contribute to a Healthier Environment___


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